Megabucks is Oregon’s oldest lottery game having first started in November 1985. The game is now widely played across all counties in the beaver state and is proudly knows as Oregon’s game. Jackpots start at $1 million and draws take place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings. The jackpot will continue to grow every draw it is not won and has no cap, meaning it can grow up to the ten’s of millions in no time at all.

Megabucks Numbers

The latest winning numbers will be published here soon after the draw has taken place and they have been verified.

Draw Date Numbers
Saturday June 22, 2024 3 8 10 33 39 43
Wednesday June 19, 2024 10 11 21 25 37 41
Monday June 17, 2024 6 18 28 29 37 42
Saturday June 15, 2024 18 20 25 26 29 40
Wednesday June 12, 2024 5 7 19 28 36 44
Monday June 10, 2024 3 9 26 31 37 43
Saturday June 8, 2024 3 5 7 12 23 29
Wednesday June 5, 2024 4 11 13 31 35 36
Monday June 3, 2024 14 19 20 26 28 48

How to Play Megabucks

Players must choose six numbers between 1 and 48 that they want to enter into each Megabucks draw. Alternatively, players can mark the Quick-Pick option on their playslip to have those six numbers randomly chosen. Each $1 ticket will come with two sets of numbers, so if players only choose six numbers to enter (one line) then the other six numbers for line two will be generated via the Quick-Pick option.

Ticket sales close at 7:29pm on draw nights and will reopen shortly after the draw takes place at 7:30pm.


Megabucks has a Kicker option which can be bought for an extra $1 and which will apply to both the lines on a player’s ticket. The Kicker option will multiply all non-jackpot cash prizes by 4x the original value and will reward a cash prize of $4 for matching three numbers.

Prizes and Odds

The Megabucks jackpot starts at $1 million and will continue to grow by $200,000 following every draw in which it’s not won. The jackpot has no limit or cap, so will continue to get higher and higher until one lucky player matches all six numbers in a single draw to become Oregon’s newest millionaire.

Numbers Matched Prize Odds of winning
6 Jackpot 1 in 6,135,756
5 Pari-Mutuel* 1 in 24,348
4 Pari-Mutuel* 1 in 475
3 Free Quick-Pick ticket 1 in 27
* Pari-Mutuel prizes change each draw depending on ticket sales and the number of winners

The prizes for matching either four or five numbers in a draw are pari-mutuel, meaning they will change from draw to draw depending on the number of entries and the number of winners, although the payout for matching five numbers will always be higher than that for matching four. On average, the payout for matching four numbers can vary by $30-50, while the prize for matching five numbers can vary by a wider margin of $500-$1200.

If a player matches three numbers then they will automatically win a free Quick-Pick for the next Megabucks draw. This will automatically be generated when players take their winning ticket to a retailer to claim.

Biggest Jackpot in Megabucks History

The largest OR Megabucks jackpot ever won was $30 million on November 15, 2004 by Arthur Brenner. The 65-year old accountant took the cash lump sum option and went home with nearly $10 million after taxes were paid. Brenner had been playing the same numbers for 16 years and donated nearly $100,000 to his cousin, Susan Cox, who he explained actually bought the winning ticket for him from a convenience store.